Bossa de Frappe - Deconstruction

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I took a song (Frappe: Mario Kart) that someone else (Jayster) had already rearranged on the Famitracker, and I was curious to see how it would sound if I were to recreate it on LSDJ. I learned a ton in terms of building melodies and harmonic blending (I still have a ways to go though). It took me a crazy long time to put together and had to use LSDJx3 to cover the majority of the voices but overall I feel it was worth it as a learning tool.

The lsdsng file is empty (as is written in the name). I'd love it if my posts are helping anyone else out, and not me just talking into the void. If you guys want the lsdsng file, just let me know and I'll gladly post it.

Not sure why atm but when I listen to audio posted on this site, I hear some weird scratchy sounds that are non-existant in the original audio....I'll try to update when I can figure out why.

Console used: 
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