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Trying to finish up my 1st chiptune album and cleaning up some of my ideas......couldn't really think of much to all for this one, so I tried to make it sound more full(so this song is more or less a loop, w/e).

The lsdsng file is empty (as is written in the name). I'd love it if my posts are helping anyone else out, and not me just talking into the void. If you guys want the lsdsng file, just let me know and I'll gladly post it.

*******I've added the real file******

Console used: 
LSDJ version used: 


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I actually really like the

I actually really like the bass on this.. it sounds actually quite full.. do post it!

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SFighter lsdsng

I couldn't find the latest version (my bad) because I've moved a ton of files around, but this still should do the job. Let me know if you have any questions (this site needs a function that allows us to be notified of comments on our music/posts)

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I strongly suggest using these cli tools: https://github.com/stijnfrishert/libLSDJ as it puts a version number in the filename!