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Taking things I've learned from the past few weeks and used them in this idea.

The lsdsng file is empty (as is written in the name). I'd love it if my posts are helping anyone else out, and not me just talking into the void. If you guys want the lsdsng file, just let me know and I'll gladly post it.

Console used: 
LSDJ version used: 


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Love the sounds in this one!

Haha amongst the penis enlargement ads and crypto scams a few of us real users still exist, so you're not just talking into the void! Would appreciate if you posted the .sng to see how you created some of these effects!

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Many thanks

Ngl It's been almost two years since i've last composed any music. This site is pretty broken and broke my spirit for any further contributions, but i'm glad there are peeps who are genuinely interested in the genre.