Mac OS X (v2)

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This is a little kit I made with some of the system sounds from Mac OS X.

Sounds Are:

  • Move File (MUV)
  • Move to Trash (TR1)
  • Empty Trash (TR2)
  • Lock Setting (LK1)
  • Unlock Setting (LK2)

Now Updated! I hate wasting space in kits, so I squeezed some extra Mac OS Classic sounds in!


  • Sosumi (SSM)
  • Quack (QAK)
  • Indigo (IND)

I made this just for fun; I haven't used it in any songs and don't keep it patched on my flash cart LSDj ROM.


P.S. I really tried to fit in the system startup sound, but I couldn't make it less than a 1.8s sample, and I didn't want to make that into a one-sound kit by itself. Oh well.