Blessed Joy & Peace To The World v1.5 - File A

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NOTE: This is file #1 of 2.

Greetings once again to all. This is the song that I made for the Merry Chipmas 2015 collaboration album put together by 2xAA from You can listen to and download the entire album for free here:

I linked 2 Gameboys together for this song. This is my 1st time trying out 2xLSDj. Although I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, I really like having the extra channels of sound available. I kept leaving the percussion for last, & then I ran out of memory, so the percussion in this song is quite limited. For this song, I imagined God singing His message of peace & love to His children. Since we are all children of God, it can refer to children or adults alike.

The original version of this song was a bad recording. I have links to it down below for comparison. This version is slightly modified, & it has been cleaned up & mastered in FL-Studio. It's my 1st experience working with FL-Studio, so it may not be perfect, but I tried my best. I think it's a definite improvement over the original recording. My apologies to 2xAA for submitting such a bad recording. Now that I know how to do this, it won't happen again. : )

With this song, I continue experimenting writing with the fast speeds in LSDj. I find it much easier that way. Consequently, this song has increased my growing dislike for LSDj.

Bad mix / mastering??? Composition sucks??? As always, any c.c. is greatly appreciated. I hope you like it. Thanks!!! : )

As always, you can download the song right over here:

See it in action:

In these folder links, you can find the the original v1.0 song, & the LSDJ song file source code so you can play around with it and try to understand it better.

Files on MEGA!BMJ0QTTB!5RwTv0aarDSUg0IIK6iCJg

Files on MediaFire

Files on Google Drive

-Lower the volume on the 3 note arp that starts at beginning of song
-Lower the volume of the "chorus / orchestra" @ 0:12
-Raise & adjust the Volumes for the bass notes @ 0:18
-Lower the volume on the "orchestra" intro @ 1:13
-Lower the volume of the "chorus / orchestra" @ 2:57
-Lower the volume of the "MAAAA MA MAAAA MA" sound in left ear @ 3:00
-Make bass notes @ 3:00 go down lower to prevent sounds cancelling each other
-Speed up the tempo a little @ 3:11
-Make "violins" @3:50 sound more lively by making notes go up instead of down

-Original submission to Merry Chipmas 2015

Console used: 
Gameboy (Classic, DMG-01)
LSDJ version used: