Achronic Projection [CorruptedMix]

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My savs got corrupted awhile ago, so some how notes and/or phrases ended up in the wrong channels (i'm not entirely sure how this all happend, I did a lot of messing around with exporting the savs as XML and generally breaking things) (LTC1799 mods etc) (probably doing terrible things to sav files ;)

I did a bit of clean up for this file. (Probably not fully cleaned) (so some weirdness may still exist) (it works tho!)

The track's a bit of a mess, But I usually use it for sampling anyway.
It's a self modifying song that never ends on many song iterations, enjoy.

(Preview used LTC1799 mod for breakdown/end) (otherwise it'd go forever)

Console used: 
Gameboy (Pro-Sound Mod)
LSDJ version used: