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think about contra, soldier entrying enemy bases, robots, and geek thinks :P - HECHO EN MÉXICO


At the beginning, this chiptune was composed in the year 2011, on a Nintendo DS Lite, using a gameboy emulator called Lameboy, with LSDJ version 3.9.something. Then, the composing of chiptune became a lot difficult, and song and everything got forgotten. Gaming, videogames, emulators, more chiptunes, and a a lot of marijuana, made the right combo to make dissapear that f*cking nintendo ds. The result? LOST. All projects. The emulator. The chiptunes, The games, All media was lost one day of big paranoia in something relationated to death, drugs, and all you can imagine in one evening of mary jane, a psychodelic shirt and a like-"Trainspotting" movie story...

Months later, in a personal battle, dedicing to leave or no to leave the chiptune and the 8bit life style, me, choose to abandon all. Media, Internet. CDs. I Broke CDs, DVDs. All related to that was what I dropped off, included more than 5 GB of videogame soundtrack, chiptunes and stuff.

I almost cried the day I had to say good bye, I was listening to some chiptunes, very good chiptunes and VG stuff. There was me, the mp4 player and the gygabytes of music. Rememering. Like that meme, "forever alone"

any way

After some years, there is me, again, with this chiptune that I did resque, from an unknown dvd, in something I call "operación rescate" which means "resque operation" because, I sacrified EVERYTHING, time, health, all, I was so worried about the location of that chiptune, of that .sav that I know I made the backup one day, and still the file wasn't missing! I broke cds, delete practically ALL and still, still I can fount it. :D


enjoy it.

The operation to rescue THIS MODA F*CKA CHIPTUNE WAS


And after the rescue, I had to restart from the beginning, get an old an broken gameboy advance to a child in poor conditions. And pff...!

Saved (2011)
lost (2011)
recovered (one BIG NIGHT of 2013)
re-edited (days later)
finished (hours later)
uploaded (days later)
and brought to you

by alex ;)

Console used: 
Gameboy Advance
LSDJ version used: