Hybrid Song GB Remix

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A GB remix of Quazar's Hybrid Song/Funky Stars.

This is the first song I've made in LSDj, or actually in anything at all. So it might not be up to some people's standards. It doesn't use tables at all for example because they still confuse me a bit. But I'm still pretty happy with it. It's not an exact cover but a remix of sorts. But it does indeed sound like Hybrid Song. :D

It took me around 8-9 hours of experimenting since it was my first song. I chose this particular song because it is originally an Amiga module, which means I can open it in Milkytracker to see the BPM and what notes it's supposed to play etc. So it was actually pretty easy to get going. Since I'm not very musically talented, making covers like that will have to do until I get better at it. :)

Console used: 
Gameboy Pocket
LSDJ version used: