Just a Squirt (+FM test BONUS)

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I reused an old song, and parts of it remains in the top. The named song starts at 0C.

Things of note:

  • 7F is the "reset" chain. If things start to play out of sync because of incorrect grooves, restart from there.
  • From step 14 and on, there be drakqons, or at least triplets. Pu1 and pu2 are using the 4/4 groove trick described in various places. (LSDj wiki for example) The wave channel doesn't do anything special, but is using a standard 6/6 groove and just happens to play its melody on suitable steps. The noise channel is using a 6/6 groove as well, but is emulating triplets with a D04 (delay 4 ticks) command on the hihats.
  • On steps 18-1A I'm doing some switching between triplets/shuffle and a straight beat.
  • On step 1B I've done a 4-channel crash cymbal with very high frequency components playing on the pulse channels.
  • Bonus: On step 0A (chain 23/instr 0F) you can see how an "automate" table can be used to create some random-ey modulations.
  • Bonus: On step 27, you can study the "LSDj FM test" that I uploaded on 8** a long time ago.

Listen at cm.org: http://chipmusic.org/nitro2k01/music/just-a-squirt

Console used: 
Gameboy (Pro-Sound Mod)
LSDJ version used: