Lament of Layla

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Big thanks to kloudygirl once again for rounding people up for this album. Check out her cool music!!!

Here is my contribution to the DuD Compilation Vol. 9: #Sadchip 2004: Emotional Circuitry collaboration album. This one is track # 17. Lots of great artists on here. Check it out!!! You can listen to & download the entire album for free here:
Go grab yourself a copy & enjoy. : )

Unfortunately, I screwed up on this one. The structure of this song is actually worse than my previous attempts. I couldn't find a way to variate the song while keeping it sad. I tried some different sections, but I just couldn't get anything to work. I was really concentrating on the singing part. I wanted to have the singing all the way through nonstop. Hopefully, my next few attempts will begin to gain some structure.

I know I kind of messed up with this one, but regardless, any c.c. is always welcome. I'll gladly take any help I can get. Thanks!!!

As for the programming, this is the 1st time I managed to use the very fast speed on an original song. I've been doing it quite well with my covers, but it's harder to do for an original song because, with an original song, the final outcome is completely unknown, whereas with a cover, the song is already done & you know how much more memory you'll need & stuff. I'm hoping to be able to apply the same techniques I use for my covers to original songs as well, & this seems to be a good start.

Console used: 
Gameboy (Classic, DMG-01)
LSDJ version used: