Oh Blessed Joy

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Greetings once again to all. Many thanks to 2xAA from https://ucollective.org for putting together another cool Christmas collaboration album, and to everyone who contributed their cool music to it. This is my contribution to Merry Chipmas 2014. It is track #5. You can listen to and download the entire album for free here: http://brkbrkbrk.com/mc2014/

This one is another ultra happy song to spread joy to all, through all times of the year. I did my best to make a very beautiful song. The end result didn't come out so good though. There is horrible popping and clicking all over the place due to all of the stereo panning and wave changes I used. Stereo panning on the Gameboy causes popping and clicking for some strange reason. I started editing the noise in Audacity, but there is WAY too much, and I ran out of time. I apologize for that. I hope the song is nice enough to make up for it.

Earlier in the year, I finally mastered writing in LSDJ at blazing fast speeds. This is my 1st completed song using this technique. This opens up a world of freedom that you cannot get using slow speeds. By writing at super fast speeds and recycling memory blocks as much as you can, it is possible to save even more memory than you would by writing at slow speeds. This file size is even smaller than any of my previous songs & covers.

Want to see what it looks like in action??? See it for yourself right over here:

As always, you can download the song right over here:

Console used: 
Gameboy (Classic, DMG-01)
LSDJ version used: