Sonic the Hedgehog - Scrap Brain Zone (DMG-01 Cover)

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Original Composer = Masato Nakamura

This is my greatest effort yet. This is the true power of the Gameboy's sound chip.

It may not be perfect, but as always, I did my very best with it. I'm actually kind of mad cause the scary sound in the beginning sounds kind of glitched. I couldn't fix it anymore than what it is now. Despite that, everything else came out much to my liking.

Doing covers have increased my programming skills exponentially, & they can do the same for you too. That's why I love doing them so much. By now, one of the most important things I've realized is speed, as you can see with this file here. I intend to do a tutorial one day, but I'm constantly lacking time, so for now, I hope this will suffice.

There's 1 very important thing I've learned so far, concerning CPU load... tables. Tables are a human comfort that completely KILL the CPU & it's resources. The groove speed determines how long the tables are. Lower the groove speed to shorten the tables down. Here, I used a groove speed of 2/2, meaning that each table is only two time units (I hate the word "tik") long.

Eliminate the unnecessary human comfort, & you will begin to realize the true power of DMG-CPU. I intend for my next released cover to be either Chun-li's theme (CPS-1), or Flame Mammoth's theme. In the next one, I intend to try eliminating tables altogether with a groove speed of 1/1. Keep an eye for it.

Console used: 
Gameboy (Classic, DMG-01)
LSDJ version used: