808000 (OLIVE) [Check the best from Russland!]

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Console used: 
Gameboy (Pro-Sound Mod)
LSDJ version used: 


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thanks for posting this !

first time checking out your tunes, and boy was i pleasantly surprised !! this song has some really awesome instruments and a great vibe. downloading now and btw if your looking for an lsdj template or some cool kits that aren't on here, check out my website www.tvdeathsquad.shiftwave.org

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Thanks for your comment! I'm

Thanks for your comment! I'm glad if you pleased.
No, i'm not using kits on wav-cannel and not instrumets template, couse i'm alweys doing it self. But i'm downloading "LSDJ INSTRUMENT JACKPOT" from your link and dig insight it : )