Midnight at the Ice Palace

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LSDJ Disco song.

Console used: 
Gameboy (Classic, DMG-01)
LSDJ version used: 


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Corrupt File?

I was excited to see this up here, because I really like this song.

That said, I got it into a V3 .SAV with LSDManager 0.9, and noticed some things I thought were strange:

  • No title in the Project Manager
  • No revision number in the Project Manager
  • Empty Song sequence—no visible Chains
  • The Phrases I could find my way into had a lot of ??? entries, like a missing kit
  • There are some instruments that I could find. I'm not sure how many of them are right

So, I'm not sure if I corrupted it on my end, or if something is up with it server side here.

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Corrupt File

I had the same problems. It'd be nice to get a copy of this song. Maybe contact Roboctopus via FaceBook and ask him for the file?