My first song in LSDJ

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First time using LSDJ :D , it's really funny, i have been using Milkytracker only so far and i think LSDJ is more fun because of it's LIVE thingy, i will definetly use LSDJ alot more and grow better with it, please no hate, i sat for 2 hours and didn't know anything about LSDJ when i started xD so yeah, will upload fun stuff soon enough

Console used: 
Gameboy Color
LSDJ version used: 
LSDJ 4.6.9


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I just love this song it's so cool.
However, because it has no preview file, you might not get too many people downloading it. So I created a preview file for you because I'm a nice person!
If you're reading this BLT, click the link, download the mp3 file. Then click edit at the top of this page. Upload the mp3 file and then save your changes.
Have a good day! :D