Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites cover

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A horribly unfinished Skrillex cover from ages ago. But maybe someone will find something helpful about it.

Console used: 
Gameboy (Pro-Sound Mod)
LSDJ version used: 


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can you re-upload this track? the link is broken

or better yet, just email the .sav please, :)

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I did both :D

I did both :D

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still broken?

can you email it to me too ?

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send my email

send my email :)

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404 - probally the ' & ' symbol

Yo Zaal,

I'd love to hear this, but it wont reference the upload properly.

I reckon it's cause there's an & symbol in the filename
(I have a similar problem with other CMS'es)

Just thought I'd mention that.... try removing the & symbol :) I'm sure many others including my self would love to hear this :))