Breezy Shores


I hope this is the right file, I didn't test it really. Let me know if it's right, made this in LSDJ 3.9.6 I think.

Console used: 
Gameboy (Pro-Sound Mod)
LSDJ version used: 


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Jeebus this is a fun one! The

Jeebus this is a fun one!
The WAV melody is great, the lighters-in-the-air break at 11 is awesome (gonna steal that someway fo sure.
It shows it's older and way more simple than the newer stuff, but girl, it's so fine.

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This sounds amazing! I love

This sounds amazing! I love the use of kicks and hi hats in this one, I also love the way the panning was done.
Not only am I going to load this song because it's great but also to borrow that wave instrument and learn.
Thanks for uploading this sweet tune.

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This is amazing, thank you for this song!

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Simplistic but effective!
Well structured songs like these are hard to find.
Good job on your hard work.